2018 Presenters

James Wells

A Toronto-based evolutionary tarot consultant, Circle Way practitioner, and Komyo Reiki teacher.

Nancy Antenucci

Author of “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards” and National  Presenter.

Jeannette Roth

Co-owner of The Tarot Garden, National Presenter.

Chuck Kausalik-Boe

Tarot Reader and Teacher, Reiki Master

Michael Foster

Tarot Reader and Teacher.

Melani Weber

Tarot Teacher and  Collector.

This year’s Presenters include:

James Wells

JAMES WELLS, is a Toronto-based evolutionary tarot consultant, Circle Way practitioner, and Komyo Reiki teacher. Since childhood, he’s been interested in what makes humans and the universe tick. He specialises in using symbols and open, honest, strategic questions to guide people to discover their life purpose in ways that contribute to their own well-being as well as to the well-being of their communities and our world. What he loves about his work are the “aha!” moments that make both his clients and his self light up and feel connected with something greater.

Jeannette RothJeannette Roth

Jeannette is the co-owner of The Tarot Garden, the world’s largest selection (no kiddin’!) of collectible tarots and cartomantic decks. Their online, searchable database provides information on nearly 2,000 titles from the 20th and 21st centuries. She is an internationally recognized expert on tarot and it’s history.


Chuck BoeChuck Kausalik-Boe

Chuck is a Tarot/Lenormand reader, teacher, spiritual counselor and Reiki Master practicing in south Minneapolis.  He has worked with the Lenormand cards for many years, doing readings as well as teaching classes on how to read the Lenormand and running a meet up group for those interested in the Lenormand method of card reading.  When instructing the Lenormand method of reading, he emphasizes the traditional meanings for each card as well as encouraging participants to use an intuitive approach.


Nancy Antenucci

Nancy Antenucci (Between The Worlds LLC) is a seasoned Tarot Reader as well as a teacher of intuitive and creative strategies. Her book “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards” is a compilation of 25 years of hard-earned wisdom, practical know-how and unending passion of the creative unknown to her clients, students and colleagues.

She founded and leads the Twin Cities Tarot Collective. This community created over years uses Tarot as a tool of empowerment for creative spirituality. It has four facets – Tarot Plus Events, the Monthly Meetup, the Sandbox, and this lovely North Star conference.

Michael Foster

Michael is a popular tarot reader in the Twin Cities who regularly reads the fates of the souls at Jet Set Bar.  He has attended national tarot conferences in New York and San Francisco. He also has strong opinions on the (lack of) value in giving ‘Fluffy Bunny’ readings. “When I read your cards, I translate messages for you from the divine through the art of the tarot cards. The act of filling such a role is a privilege and an honor for me.”

Melani Weber

A tarot collector and student of tarot since 1995, Melani is most interested in the intersection of tarot and other areas of study, such as psychology, mythology and religion. Though she has over 300 decks she does have a few favorites, which include: Druidcraft, Modern Spellcaster’s, Cosmic Tribe, Ma’at Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts, and the Minute Tarot by Robyn Tisch-Hollister.

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