North Star Tarot Conference 2018

The prominent direction on any compass is North. Early sailors navigated by the North Star, Polaris. It is a fairly fixed position in the sky, making it a stable indicator for reference to North. Just having a direction is incredibly helpful on long journeys. Be with others in this time …

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Our Tarot Readers

We’d like to introduce you to the Tarot Readers of the Twin Cities Tarot Collective. Contact us if you are interested in having readers at your event. ~   Annie Zimbel Master Reader Annie Zimbel uses her unique gifts, experiences, and talents as a Tarot Reader to guide folks in …

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North Star Gallery – 2010

At our August, 2010 Conference we had a great time dressing up. There was a Costume Dinner at a restaurant next door to the hotel on Saturday night, and a mask-making workshop with Rhonda Lund on Sunday. In the workshop we combined words and images from one or more cards to …

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About TCTC

The Twin Cities Tarot Collective (TCTC) is committed to supporting students, readers and creators of Tarot. Our core value is to provide vital and creative empowerment with Tarot as our tool for a deeper sense of well-being, ethical divination, education, skills, ritual and art greatly needed in these times of …

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